would like to link to openssh.com

A. Keaton a_keaton at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 19 13:43:11 EST 2003

openssh.com (OpenSSH) is ranked #38 for the keyword "secure server". I have a perfect match for your site and I think we should link to each other. This will do two things:

1 - help our users find relevant content
2 - help both our sites rank better in Google (this is an added bonus)

Google doesn't just analyze the number of sites linked to you... they also look at how "important' the sites are that are linked to you. My site, is listed in Yahoo. This means that a link from my site will be weighted much heavier than links from other sites.

(you can read more on how Google uses links to determine rank here: http://www.google.com/technology/index.html )

If you're interested, please reply and let me know. I'll send you all the info you need and I'll get your info as well. 

Thanks for your time... I know that this will be worthwhile for you and your site's visitors.


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