Call for testing for 3.6

Wendy Palm wendyp at
Thu Mar 20 10:40:16 EST 2003

sorry to take so long with the testing.

3.6 version works great on crays using the 0315 snapshot, with tim's nanosleep
replacement patch and the 3 cray patches i sent in yesterday.


Ben Lindstrom wrote:

> We are heading into a lock here.  So we need to get people to test their
> respective platforms if they wish them to be supported out of the tar file.
> So if you have any patches you need to ensure your platform works speak
> up.  We are looking at a lock on the 17th.
> I believe I have an AIX/Cray patch and a Tru64 patch sitting in my mailbox
> that I'll be looking at soon and more than likely commiting.  I have no
> clue what else is in my 400+ worth of email.=)
> I know NeXT platform is broken.  Again, I make a call out to people left
> in the NeXT community.  If you want it working before 3.6 submit your
> patches ASAP.  If I hear no word I'll suggest it be phased out after this
> release.
> I'd like to see more tinderbox setups (Darren, I'll be talking to you in
> private, but I have a Sol9 box I'd like to add to the list soon).  It
> would help to know where we stand for broken platforms.
> For those new to this process asking themselves, "Where do I find these
> test version?"
> Pick your closest FTP site and go to 'snapshot/'
> Or for CVS people:
> export CVSROOT=openssh at
> export CVS_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh
> cvs get openssh
> - Ben
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