Call for testing for 3.6

David M. Williams d_wllms at
Thu Mar 20 12:05:45 EST 2003

I forgot to add a few caveats for OS X:

    1. See Bug #504 for OpenSSL header problem
    2. 10.2.[1.2.3] require edits to /usr/include/zconf.h.  remove
       reference to TARGET_OS_MAC.

BTW:  Library/header version mismatches will continue to be a problem
with OSX as the stated policy from Apple is, and I quote:

	Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We have received
	feedback from engineering on your reported issue.

	Please know that we do not ship headers with Mac OS X Updates.

To quote Markus, "Thank you Steven Jobs, thank you"


David M. Williams wrote:

> Tested Platform:  Apple OS 10.2.x
> configure:    passed
> make:           passed
> regress:        passed
> configure options:  --with-pam
> working on getting patches together for --with-kerberos5
> Dave

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