Call for testing for 3.6: password expiry?

Jeff Koenig Jeff.Koenig at
Thu Mar 20 14:17:27 EST 2003

I have tried this patch (against 3.5p1) and would very much like it to be in the OpenSSH 3.6p1 release, if possible:

On that note, I'd like the Sun BSM patch to be included also, if possible.  I have it working applied to 3.5p1:

In fact, both patches work together, apparently.

If I have any issues, I'll post them here.

Jeff Koenig

>>> Darren Tucker <dtucker at> 03/07/03 12:55AM >>>
Hi again.

Ben Lindstrom wrote:
> So if you have any patches you need to ensure your platform works speak
> up.  We are looking at a lock on the 17th.

There's a couple of patches in Bugzilla that relate to my pet project:

Bugzilla Bug 14: Can't change expired /etc/shadow password without PAM 

Bugzilla Bug 463: PrintLastLog doesn't work in privsep mode 

There is some overlap between the two patches and they're out of sync
with each other.

Can I please get someone to review these and let me know if they're
suitable for inclusion in 3.6p1?  The expiry patches have been pretty
heavily tested (nearly 800 downloads of the patch).  I've had about a
dozen reports of problems, all of which have been resolved (mostly
configuring with pam when it wasn't supported, a couple of genuine
problems and a couple of cases of pilot error).

If they are likely to go in, please let me know what you'd like done
with them (eg, merge them into a single patch or make 2 "stacked"
patches to be applied sequentially, and particularly what if anything
should be done with the interaction with do_pam_chauthtok).

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