Call for testing for 3.6: password expiry?

Chris Adams cmadams at
Sat Mar 22 14:40:20 EST 2003

Once upon a time, Ben Lindstrom <mouring at> said:
> Why password expiry?  Have you looked at the RFC?  If we implement v2
> password expiry the way the RFC requires we will break a lot of platform
> and the code would be massive.

As Tru64 is kind of odd... how does password expiry work in the RFC that
might break platforms?

As it stands now, the Tru64 system password expiration methods work, at
least when OpenSSH is built with SIA support (and when running in
Enhanced Security mode; I don't think Base Security on Tru64 supports
password expiration).  If I try to open a TTY connection (I don't know
what happens on non-interactive sessions) and my password has expired, I
get the Tru64 prompts for changing my password.  Even if I use a key to
connect, I have to enter my old password before changing it.

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