[Bug 516] RhostsAuthentication failing under AIX 4.3.3

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------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-03-24 20:41 -------
Seems to be a privsep thing.  Try running sshd with "-o 
I can get rhosts authentication to work if I disable privsep.  It works as a 
non-root user with shosts.equiv and with /.shosts as root.  With privsep 
enabled, it fails.  I will attach a debug log.

I also needed to make ssh setuid root so it could bind to a privileged port.

Also, the man page fragment that Markus quoted does not seem clear on root 
logins with hosts.equiv, however.  With a bit more context, it says:

   This file is used during .rhosts authentication.  In the simplest
   form, this file contains host names, one per line.  Users on
   those hosts are permitted to log in without a password, provided
   they have the same user name on both machines.  The host name may
   also be followed by a user name; such users are permitted to log
   in as any user on this machine (except root)."

To me, the last sentence seems to say the exception for root applies only when 
the the optional username follows the hostname.

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