[Bug 69] Generalize SSH_ASKPASS

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Wed Mar 26 23:59:49 EST 2003

> i don't think DISPLAY is confusing if you just set it for ssh.
> other programs don't care.

But that's not really the way it works -- what actually happens is you
set DISPLAY before running whatever programs (MUA, CVS GUI, other...)
are going to invoke ssh, rather than having the hackish workaround in
_every_ such user of ssh.

I suppose we could have a shell script wrapper around SSH alone, which
does nothing but set a DISPLAY variable if none is set, add '-x' to the
options to prevent ssh itself from misinterpreting it, detach from the
controlling tty, etc... 

Or alternatively we could just fix ssh ;)

> as to typing "YES", this is intentional, since users should _think_
> not click.

I agree. And it's not really hard for the ssh-askpass program to
recognise the question text and do something other than the normal 'ask
for textual input' anyway.


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