Changing PAM service name in sshd_config, or running sshd as non-root

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Thu Mar 27 07:20:16 EST 2003

Circa 2003-03-26 19:25:25 +0300 dixit Michael Tokarev:

: Currently, openssh's PAM service name is a compile-time choice.


: So, that to say - why there is no e.g. PamServiceName configuration
: option in sshd_config?

There is one, it's just called something different:

  ln -s /path/to/sshd /path/to/your-favorite-ssh-service-name

OpenSSH's sshd uses the basename of argv[0] as the service name, as you
would know if you were to read the INSTALL file that accompanies

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