[Bug 83] PAM limits applied incorrectly (pam_session being called as non-root)

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Thu Mar 27 20:53:13 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From misiek at pld.org.pl  2003-03-27 20:53 -------
I've applied patch posted here but it doesn't change nothing since still 
do_pam_session() is not called as root! 
See strace here: 
And this: 
[misiek at arm ~/rpm/BUILD/openssh-3.5p1]$ diff -u 
~/rpm/SOURCES/openssh-3.5p1/session.c session.c 
--- /home/users/misiek/rpm/SOURCES/openssh-3.5p1/session.c      Thu Mar 27 
10:46:17 2003 
+++ session.c   Thu Mar 27 10:52:33 2003 
@@ -604,6 +604,7 @@ 
 #if defined(USE_PAM) 
+               log("uid=%d, euid=%d\n", getuid(), geteuid()); 
                do_pam_session(s->pw->pw_name, s->tty); 
Mar 27 10:53:18 arm sshd[3951]: Accepted password for misiek from ::ffff: port 
4992 ssh2 
Mar 27 10:53:18 arm sshd[4645]: uid=1000, euid=1000 
Mar 27 10:53:18 arm sshd(pam_unix)[4645]: session opened for user misiek by 
Mar 27 10:53:18 arm sshd[4645]: fatal: PAM session setup failed[6]: Permission 
You _cannot_ increase your limits (like core size limit) when you are not root. See bug 
301 for details. 

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