compilation problems AIX 5.2

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed May 7 00:11:49 EST 2003

ira fuse wrote:
> I am having difficulties compiling openssh3.6p2 under
> AIX 5.2.  I grabbed the latest from the contrib
> section from, applied passexpire19.patch
> successfully and configure --prefix=/opt/freeware/
> --with xauth=/usr/bin/X11/xauth.  i get the following
> @ the end of the make:

	This appears to be the problem, the rest are warnings:

> auth.c:403: too few arguments to function
> `loginfailed'

	I don't have access to AIX 5.2 but I have tested the patch on 5.1. 
According to the doco [1], on AIX 5.2, loginfailed now takes 4 arguments,
rather than the original 3:

int loginfailed ( User, Host, Tty, Reason)
char *User;
char *Host;
char *Tty;
int Reason;

	That piece of code currently only supplies three as that's what previous
AIX versions took:


	From the man page, I'm guessing that you need to add "#include
<sys/audit.h>" to the top of auth.c and add 
a 4th paramter (AUDIT_FAIL_AUTH) to the loginfailed() call.  The modified
code will look like:

        "ssh", AUDIT_FAIL_AUTH);

	I'm not sure about the 4th parameter, if you can send me the AUDIT_FAIL
lines from "/usr/include/sys/audit.h" it may help.



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