[Bug 549] Login Delay / Remove unwanted reverse map check

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Sun May 11 13:16:33 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-05-11 13:16 -------
I'm a relative newbie so I'll defer to Ben on this.

In answer to the process question, a few people have commit access to -portable, 
but generally they'll only commit simple, obvious changes on their own.  Larger 
or more contentious changes generally require agreement from one or more others 
(that's the meaning of the "ok [user]@" bits in ChangeLog).

The other thing is -portable is a branch (more or less) of the original OpenSSH 
from OpenBSD, and any changes, small or not, that cause it to diverge from 
OpenBSD without good reason will get a *lot* of restistance.

Something that might be worth checking: get_canonical_hostname() does some 
caching, perhaps there's something in there that would explain the inconsistent 
results you're seeing wrt the lookups.  If I have time next week I'll see if I 
can reproduce this on my AIX box.

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