[Bug 563] getaddrinfo() in libopenbsd-compat.a breaks heimdal-linked pam_krb5

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------- Additional Comments From buckh at pobox.com  2003-05-13 13:17 -------
perhaps. i'll try modifying configure.ac and acconfig.h to get <roken.h>
included also, if configure can find em, and let you know if it works. for my
purposes, i was content to just rename getaddrinfo in fake-getaddrinfo.c and
kludge up fake-getaddrinfo.h:

#define getaddrinfo fake_getaddrinfo
int fake_getaddrinfo( . . . )

don't know how many other libroken functions i'll pick up if i configure it in
and if some of them might be less unbroken than libopenbsd-compat versions.
maybe i should just see if i can port GNU libc . . .

thanks for the help

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