OpenSSH Hostbased authentication HOWTO

Istvan Viczian vici at
Wed May 14 22:20:43 EST 2003


I have tried to configure hostbased authentication on different OS 
platforms using
OpenSSH both on client and server side:
         RedHat 7.[2,3] with OpenSSH versions 3.1p1, 3.5p1, 3.6p1
         SunOS 5.8 (SOLARIS8) with OpenSSH versions 2.9p1, 3.4p1
         BSD/OS 4.1 with OpenSSH version 3.4p1
         BIG-IP 4.2PTF-08  with OpenSSH version 3.4p1  

Finally I have found a general configuration manner for hostbased auth. 
using OpenSSH, and I hope it could be useful to other platforms too .
I published it as a HOWTO at :

Feel free to review it and send Your notes-suggestions about the content 
of this page to me.
Please send notification to me, if the config was succesfull on other 
platfoms too.

Best Regards,
Istvan Viczian

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