OpenSSH hosbased authetication without DNS

Istvan Viczian vici at
Thu May 15 00:53:30 EST 2003


I have found a general way to configure hostbased authentication
using OpenSSH on several , ( I created a howto about it at )
but there is one remaining problem which I still could not solve.

I would like to make hostbased authetication work without DNS resolving 
both on the server and client side.
First I added the IP addresses to the appropriate config files on the 
server side and if the
DNS service does not work on the servers side, the hosbased 
authentication works fine.
But when I disable DNS service only on the client side, and try to
login by ssh hostbased authentication method, to the target machine, the 
hostbased authetication
method seems fail on the client side, because the client could not 
resolve its own name:
     [root at localhost etc]# ssh -o HostBasedAuthentication=yes
     get_socket_ipaddr: getnameinfo 8 failed
     userauth_hostbased: cannot get local ipaddr/name

This problem seems general,  using any of OpenSSH_3.x version both on
client and server side.

I tried to find any configurational solution in order to avoid it, but I 
have not
found any.


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