[Bug 440] Protocol 1 server key generated at start up even when P1 not used

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------- Additional Comments From bruno at wolff.to  2003-05-18 02:03 -------
The problem still exists in 3.6.1, but upon rereading what I posted,
I see I didn't describe the problem accurately.
The problem occurs when running sshd with the -i option with both
protocol 1 and protocol 2 enabled. If someone connects using protocol
2, the protocol 1 ephemeral key is still generated. You can see this
by running sshd with the -ddd option.
The ephemeral key generation is skipped if protocol 1 is disabled.
But when the -i option is used even if protocol 1 is enabled if the
current connection uses protocol 2 the generated ephemeral key will
never be used. Hence not generating it under those conditions seems
like a good idea.

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