[Bug 220] sshd fails to read other users authorized_keys over nfs as root

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Sun May 18 11:23:50 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2003-05-18 11:23 -------
Ok.. I did the audit and remember what I changed.  The change I made may be 
racey since I replaced the fchdir() and added getcwd() to ensure more portable 
(AKA worked on NeXTStep).

The only other platform I know that may be affected is Solaris (which currently 
does not define it).

does Solaris and AIX support fchdir()?  If so I'd love to revert out of my
hack.  I forsee NeXTStep going away very soon.  So it may be a good time.

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