OpenSSH -current segfaults on HP-UX+gcc

Damien Miller djm at
Mon May 19 09:50:54 EST 2003

Darren Tucker wrote:
> Hi All.
> 	As of last night, sshd now segfaults on HP-UX (11.00, gcc 3.2.2) on
> startup.
> 	I've single-stepped through the code in freeaddrinfo and it's called with
> a valid *addrinfo, follows ai_next once then for some reason attempts to
> deref the second pointer which is NULL.
> 	Suspecting a compiler/optimization bug I recompiled fake-getaddrinfo.c
> without optimization but that made no difference.
> 	If I change the for loop to "for(;ai != NULL; next = ai ? ai->ai_next :
> NULL)" then it works, but I can't see why the code does not work as
> written.

That would be my breakage - I'll fix.


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