Sshd and domain authentication

Scott Burch scott.burch at
Wed May 21 04:19:37 EST 2003


You can do this with pam_smb or the pam modules included with versions
of samba where you compile the winbind component. I can provide more
details ir you'd like. I don't do this, but I did play with the winbind
component of samba to see how it worked, it was interesting but not
really useful in the large distributed environment that I work in.
Winbind maps Windows 2000 gids and rids into UNIX uids and
essentially you can provide services on UNIX without creating a UNIX
account for your Windows users. There is even this very scary module on
Linux that can create home directories on the fly (obviously some things
like ssh require a home directory to store .ssh, etc.), but this is not
something I would do! If you want more details I can provide them.


On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 11:18, Lee-Lun, Michael [IT] wrote:
> Is there a way to run sshd on a windows 2000 server and have ssh clients
> authenticate to it using domain level authentication?  
> Mike
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