a question make me crazy

李昂 lion_3875 at sina.com
Sat May 24 19:40:52 EST 2003

    Now, i have a headache for a embeded product, i need port openssh to this platform,
it's arch is ARCA1(a chinese CPU), it's not important.
    ok, i compiled the openssh3.3.6p1 with arca1 compiler, it's ok.
    after i put it on the platform, a message show me on the screen----PRNG is not seeded. 

    God! i search solution for a whole day, but no result. 
    my openssl version is 0.9.6, my system have not the device RANDOM, may be caused by this reason? 

    what can i do? copy a '/dev/random' and '/dev/urandom' to /dev on the ARCA1 platform from any where in x86 system? i tried, but failed.

    give me a solution for this problem please, it's really important for me.

  													thanks a lot, linux fans 
                                                        	                                                         lion_3875 at sina.com

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