Error on Reliant Unix: no controlling terminal

Stephan Hendl Stephan.Hendl at
Mon May 26 19:36:19 EST 2003

Hi all,

just I tried to upgrade openssh from 3.5p1 to 3.6.1p2 on Reliant Unix 5.45 and run into this error:

root at soltest: tail /var/adm/log/messages
May 23 15:45:28 soltest unix: sshd[4013]: Accepted password for root from port 2624 ssh2
May 23 15:45:28 soltest unix: sshd[4101]: error: setsid: Not owner
May 23 15:45:28 soltest unix: sshd[4101]: error: open /dev/tty failed - could not set controlling tty: No such device or address

The shell tells me that she has no controlling tty

root at soltest: ps
ps: can't find controlling terminal

root at soltest: bash
bash: no job control in this shell

The configure command was: 

../configure --prefix=/opt/openssh --sysconfdir=/etc --with-privsep-user=sshd --with-zlib=/usr/local/lib --with-ssl-dir=/home/hendl/openssl-0..9.7b --with-tcp-wrappers=/home/hendl/tcp_wrappers_7.6 --with-rand-helper --with-default-path=/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/opt/bin:/opt/openssh/bin

Does anybody has a solution?



LDS Brandenburg
Dr. Stephan Hendl
fon: +49-(0)331-39 471
fax: +49-(0)331-27548 1187
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