AIX patch for openssh-3.7.1p2

Matt Richards matter at
Fri Nov 7 01:11:41 EST 2003

>That's right.  If there is no function prototype for loginfailed, then
>test program will link OK regardless of how many arguments it should
>really be given.  (Whether or not it would do anything sane if run is
>another matter).

>If loginfailed isn't defined in usersec.h then you are running an older
>AIX and your loginfailed takes 3 arguments.  Trying the test program will
>*incorrectly* identify it as taking 4 arguments, so we don't.

If seems that only AIX > defines loginfailed in usersec.h, 
AIX < does not.

>> I still believe that
>>        conf_wtmp_location=/var/adm/wtmp
>> should still be added to the configure script. It is done that way for
>> Next.
>> Why?  What problem does this solve?

Again, this seems related to the DCE/AFS/loginsuccess thing. If it
worked, then this would not need to be needed.

Thanks for spending time dealing with a pain like me. 

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