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Wed Nov 12 10:58:36 EST 2003

Mike Dopheide wrote:
> I believe there is a bug in how AIX handles the KRB5CCNAME environment
> variable.  The symptom occurs when a root user restarts sshd while they
> have KRB5CCNAME set; all of the resulting client connections will inherit
> the same KRB5CCNAME variable.  This can occur if the admin uses 'ksu' or
> some other kerberized method of obtaining root privileges.
> On about line 1087 of session.c we see this:
[snip code]
> It seems to me that this section of code takes the KRB5CCNAME from sshd
> (if it exists) and hands it off to the child.  My question is, why would
> you ever want to do this?

I've never used Kerberos on AIX but I would guess that this is to handle
the case where KRB5CCNAME is set by one of the modules called by the AIX's
authenticate() function.

It would seem that KRB5CCNAME should be cleared from the sshd's
environment when it starts up to prevent the situation you're describing.

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