OpenSSH on AmigaOS...

Diego Casorran dcr8520 at
Thu Nov 27 07:00:46 EST 2003

  Hola Ben,

El miércoles (26-11-2003), decias:

> And you did:
> ./configure [..] --with-md5-passwords ?

ups... no.. to avoid reconfiguration I have edited by hand md5crypt.c and 
openbsd-compat/xcrypt.c adding HAVE_MD5_PASSWORDS, and recompiled 
sshd, but unfortunately still doenst work :( 

Also, there seems to have other problem, since after the third pass intent the 
daemon exit itself, so may the password  problem is due something else...(?)

btw, I have compiled everything with -Dfork=vfork, due fork() is broken on 
AmigaOS v3.x ... but I think this is not the problem, (right?), as the others 
tools seems to work just fine....

Kind Regards.

    Diego CR    -
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