/dev/random for HP-UX 11.00

Jos Visser josv at osp.nl
Fri Sep 5 16:38:11 EST 2003


I "developed" an implementation of /dev/random for HP-UX 11.00
that can be used to speed up entropy gathering for OpenSSL/OpenSSH
implementations on HP-UX 11.00.

It is still a first release, lots of stuff still to be done, but
interested people can take a look at:


Share and enjoy!


P.S. I sent this message to the "user" mailing list too, but that seems
     to be dead... I checked the archives and it's mostly spam in

ek is so lug jy vlieg deur my
sonder jou is ek sonder patroon
   "Breyten Breytenbach"

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