how to compile ssh with pam

Gamliel, Udi (NIH/CIT) GamlielU at
Sat Sep 6 03:13:10 EST 2003


I am compiled openssh3.6.1p2 with PAM and using RSA Security (ACE) token.

the command I used to compile ssh as follow:

1. ./configure --with-pam

2. make

3. make install

After starting  the sshd daemon, I  authenticate using the command


On the SecurID server I was watching the log monitor and I saw the following
errors :

"ACCESS DENIED, syntax error" before I get the prompt for Passcode

and when I put my passcode, it let me login. Doing that for several time

SecurID puts me in the "next token code" and then disable my token.

I called RSA security and we found out that the problem was in the openssh.

when RSA sent me a compiled openssh that can be found on the internet, then

everything worked just fine with no errors.

The fact is that we can not depend on finding a compiled openssh with PAM on

internet, so I compiled my own version with Pam

but Of course I am sure I am missing some compilation switches and options.

SO my question to you is :

How do I compile an openssh that works with PAM on Unix or Linux.

Than you very much

Udi Gamliel


Udi Gamliel


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