Combining Transparent Proxying with SSH Port Forwarding

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Sep 11 13:50:00 EST 2003

Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> We should encourage good, implementation-independent SOCKSifiers for the
> various OS's, but that's the extent I see it being appropriate to dive
> into kernelspace.

If people are looking for something like that, there's Dante, which is a
Free ("BSD/CMU-type license") SOCKS 4/5 implementation that has a dynamic
(LD_PRELOAD-style) "socksify" program.

That won't help on platforms that don't support LD_PRELOAD. (eg some
AIXes, but AIX has had built-in SOCKS support since at least 4.3.2).

> I wouldn't mind a patch to automatically reconnect a SSH session that's
> failing keepalives, though.

Have you looked at autossh [1]?


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