3.6.1p1/SNAP-20030910, AIX & /etc/nologin (similar to bug #178)

David Bronder david-bronder at uiowa.edu
Tue Sep 16 13:18:45 EST 2003

Darren Tucker wrote:
> David Bronder wrote:
> > I'm seeing a problem under AIX (4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2) very similar to bug
> > #178.  It occurs with both 3.6.1p1 and openssh-SNAP-20030910.
> >
> > If /etc/nologin is present, a session requesting a pty will hang,
> > apparently when the sshd parent tries to close the pty slave.
> That's not something I test often but last time I did it worked OK for me
> (on AIX 5.2).

Just retried on an AIX 5.2 ML1 box with 3.6.1p1 and reproduced the
problem with both authorized key and password authentication.

> What maintenance levels do you have on your boxes, and which SSH client
> (and protocol version) are you using?

Running on AIX 4.3.3 ML11, 5.1 ML3 and ML4, and 5.2 ML1; built on 4.3.3
ML11, 5.1 ML3 and 5.2 ML1.  Protocol 2 in all cases, with clients from
the same OpenSSH versions on AIX 5.1 ML3 and RedHat 9, as well as
SecureCRT 4.0.  Just gave it a try with protocol 1 on a 5.2 ML1 box
(from 3.6.1p1 client on 5.1 ML3) and it seems to behave the same way
(though I haven't dug into the code path yet to see if it's really the
same thing, it definitely hangs).


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