Pre-RedHat 9.0 RPM Packages

Jason McCormick jason at
Wed Sep 17 05:31:39 EST 2003

  Since I have a mixture of RH 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and Advanced Server 2.1 
boxes, I've made a set of RPMs for those platforms.  I do not have a 
RedHat 8.0 box to make RPMs. Since RedHat <= 7.2 is out of support by 
RedHat, I don't think we'll see any officially created RPMs (but I 
could be wrong about that) so I thought I'd offer these to the general 
community.  These were all built against up-to-date patched boxes for 
the respective RedHat releases.  These all appear to work on my various 
boxes, but feedback would be appreciated if you run into a dependency 

You can get them all from or anonymous 
FTP at .  If anyone from the 
development team is interested, I'd be willing to make RPMs for older 
platforms to go on the main FTP site.  I'm not sure what sorts of 
security procedures are in place with the team to make sure these are 
viable for inclusion on but I'd be willing to assist in any 
way possible.

Jason McCormick
jason at

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