OpenSSH 3.7 testing (Re: 3.6p1 bug on SCO OpenServer)

Gert Doering gert at
Wed Sep 17 08:13:58 EST 2003


On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 12:47:14AM -0500, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
> On this note I think it would be best to opening the floor for testing of
> the current CVS tree.  OpenSSH is in a feature lock and we should be in
> in sync with the OpenBSD tree (there may be stray patches, but hopefully
> nothing major).

SCO 3.2v4.2 is broken in horrible ways :-(

* I need to set the following things in config.h manually, because configure
  doesn't find them:


* configure creates "#define BROKEN_SAVED_UIDS 1", which leads to 
  non-working UID swapping - removing that makes *that* work

* waitpid(-1, ...) is weird on this platform - when the server loop for
  ssh1 terminates, I get an error about "no child processes".  If I
  change the "-1" to "waitpid(pid, ...") it works.  Weird.

* ssh2 connections do not terminate - after logout, I get (sshd -d -d -d):

debug2: channel 0: read<=0 rfd 10 len 0
debug2: channel 0: read failed
debug2: channel 0: close_read
debug2: channel 0: input open -> drain
debug2: channel 0: ibuf empty
debug2: channel 0: send eof
debug2: channel 0: input drain -> closed

  and then nothing any more.  The client side (-v -v) shows:

gert at greenie:/u/gert$ exit
debug2: channel 0: rcvd eof
debug2: channel 0: output open -> drain
debug2: channel 0: obuf empty
debug2: channel 0: close_write
debug2: channel 0: output drain -> closed

  and the nothing more.  GDB shows sshd hanging in select().

  Termination of the client (~.) leads to:

debug2: channel 0: filter stops
debug2: channel 0: read failed
debug2: channel 0: close_read
debug2: channel 0: input open -> drain
debug1: channel 0: free: client-session, nchannels 1
Connection to XXX closed.

Connection closed by 195.30.X.X
debug1: collect_children MID, ct=0
debug1: collect_children END
debug1: channel 0: free: server-session, nchannels 2
debug3: channel 0: status: The following connections are open:
  #0 server-session (t4 r0 i3/0 o0/0 fd -1/9)

debug3: channel 0: close_fds r -1 w 9 e -1
debug1: channel 1: free: X11 inet listener, nchannels 1
debug3: channel 1: status: The following connections are open:

debug3: channel 1: close_fds r 11 w 11 e -1
debug1: session_close: session 0 pid 28075
debug1: session_pty_cleanup: session 0 release /dev/ttyp22
Closing connection to 195.30.X.X

This last one seems hard enough to give up on it, unless someone else 
is also still interested in making 3.2v4.2 work.  If not, I'll probably
go for 3.5p1 plus buffer.c patch and we can declare this platform "dead".

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