openssh 3.7p1 and 3.7.1p1 Solaris problems

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Sep 18 16:33:24 EST 2003

Bradley Guenther wrote:
> I have some Solaris 7 boxes (Ultra 3 and Ultra Enterprise 250 hardware)
> that I have compiled both 3.7p1 and 3.7.1p1 on and am having some
> problems.  I am using the same "configure" options that I have in the
> past (without problems).  I have tried both new and existing (previously
> working) ssh_config and sshd_config files.  The new versions seem to
> have broken SSH 1 support (and maybe cause a bit of SSH 2 problems).
> All of my unix boxes can ssh into the server fine.  Cygwin users can ssh
> in fine.  TeraTerm Pro (both the old one that supports ssh1 only and the
> new one which <allegedly> supports ssh2) both just keep prompting me for
> my password over and over again.  Putty v.52 (older version) crashes
> when I try  to connect via ssh2, and gives me "Access denied" on
> attempts via ssh1.  The latest version (as of last night at least) of
> Putty works on ssh2 but still gives me the "Access denied" over and over
> again on ssh1 attempts.  Winscp basically works, but prompts for the
> password twice.

Try turning on TIS authentication in PuTTY:
Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> Attempt TIS or cryptocard authentication.

If you're using WithPAM=yes, you should probably set
PasswordAuthentication=no.  From the sshd_config man page:
"UsePAM  Enables PAM authentication (via challengeâresponse) and session
        set up.  If you enable this, you should probably disable

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