bsd-cray.c r.1.12: multiple syntax errors

"Jørn Aslak Amundsen" jorn.amundsen at
Fri Sep 19 05:59:50 EST 2003

There appears to be multiple errors in release 1.12 of bsd-cray.c as released
with 3.7.1p1:

1) line 62: missing #include "defines.h" in front of #include "log.h", causing
compiler errors due to undefined cpp macro __attribute__(x).

2) line 185: declaration ``ia_user_t usent'' is not terminated with a

3) line 469: while loop ``while (valid_acct == -1) {'' ends in ``} else {'' at
line 533. This else statement should probably match the if statement beginning
at line 467.

In addition there is probably an error in the ``switch (acct_name[0]) {''
``default'' tag at line 502: there is a ``break'' at line 509, inside an if
statement, but no break to logically end the default tag.

Best Regards --Jørn Amundsen

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