Explanation Please: No more AFS support

David R. Steiner david.r.steiner at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Sep 23 06:10:29 EST 2003

Please excuse me if this was discussed before and I missed it but 
could someone please explain why AFS support was dropped from OpenSSH 

Since OpenAFS does not seem to show any signs of going away, it seems 
like this kind of puts those of us who use AFS in the position of 
having to apply patches to and maintain our own source tree for 
3.6.1p1 whenever a change is made if we want to continue to use 
OpenSSH and AFS on our machines. This strategy is working for the 
moment but as new versions of OpenSSH are released, I can foresee a 
point when this is no longer going to be viable.

I am not trying to start any wars here but I am curious as to the 
rationale behind decision.

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