sshd 3.7p1 dies on MacOSX

Mario Diana mariox19 at
Wed Sep 24 06:42:14 EST 2003

Sorry to bust in on the list, but I have been trying to get OpenSSH to 
work for several days on OS X, rather than wait for the update (which 
is now released). I suffered a lot of frustration, tried many fixes on 
my own, searched Google, and only today managed to find the thread on 
this list.

Though Apple's update has got me a patched SSH package, I would like to 
solve the problem in the source distribution I compiled and installed 
(in an alternate location).

I know this is a developers list, but if someone would be kind enough 
to help me, I would appreciate it. I realize the patch has to do with 
the file, but I'm unsure as to how to proceed. Where in 
the file would I insert this patch?Is the patch to be inserted all in 
one place, or are the lines broken up and inserted in various places in 
the file?

I really have never done this much "tweaking" to get something to work, 
but I'm eager to learn something more about UNIX.


Mario Diana


I may need you to "spell it out" a little more than you are used to 
doing among one another, though maybe all that means is you would have 
to tell me where to cut and paste. Thank you.

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