IRIX 5.3 permanently_set_uid problem

Peter Wood peter at
Wed Sep 24 14:47:22 EST 2003


I have tried running OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 on an Indy running IRIX 5.3.  It 
compiled and installed without any problems.

However, I get the fatal error, which originates from uidswap.c in 
function permanently_set_uid():

    fatal: permanently_set_uid: was able to restore old [e]uid

This happens even if  "UsePrivilegeSeparation no" is used in sshd_config.
It seems to be a problem with IRIX 5.3 rather than OpenSSH.  I have 
searched for possible patches for IRIX 5.3, but haven't found anything 
likely yet.

Any suggestions?


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