SSHD 3.7.1p2 on HP-UX

Michael Steffens michael.steffens at
Wed Sep 24 23:10:39 EST 2003

Michael Steffens wrote:
> Jan P. Sorensen wrote:
>> Yes, HP-UX is run in trusted mode.
>> Notice that the problem first appeared today when I upgraded from p1 to
>> p2.
> The relevant difference is that p1 had PAM enabled by default, while
> it was disabled in p2.
> So it refers to non-PAM password authentication, which is broken
> in both for trusted systems and those using shadow passwords.
> Does
> fix it?

Sorry, the patch above is against CVS version and needs autoconf
and autoheader to be run before configure.

In order to achieve the same result in release version without these
tools you may comment out or remove


in config.h after running configure.  Then apply the patch above
concerning openbsd-compat/xcrypt.c

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