openssh on NeXTstep

Michael Weiser mweiser at
Thu Sep 25 16:41:10 EST 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Michael Weiser wrote:

> recall mysignal!? Is perhaps the #define wreaking havoc with the actual 
> signal call in bsd-misc.h so that it recursively calls itself until it 
> crashes?
Indeed it seems to be that the #define signal mysignal changes the
signal() call in mysignal() into mysignal() and thus makes it resursive
which looks like hanging or gives a segfault in gdb (perhaps because of a
smaller stack there). If I add an #undef signal just before the signal
call in bsd-misc.c sshd behaves normally. This would seem to be a bug for
all platforms that doen't have sigaction() and use just signal. Another
workaround might be to always employ the sigaction() emulation of
openbsd-compat for bsd-misc, even if HAVE_SIGACTION is undefined.

Hope that helps.
bye, Micha
heinz rulez!

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