sshd as non-root

Stephen Samuel samuel at
Sun Sep 28 12:21:24 EST 2003

I'm trying to get sshd to the point where it can run as non-root.
I think that this is quite doable if using rsa-key authentication
So far, I've run into and fixed the proben that chgroups only works
if you're root and I've added a ModulusFile option to sshd_config
(not necessary, but nice).

Now I've run into the fact that the system attempts to do PAM
authentication, even though you're root.  Are there any other
problems I'm likely to run into?  Has this already been fixed

This is mostly out of curiosity, but I see a few real uses for
non-root ssh -- ranging from special-purpose security lockdowns
to bootstrapping ssh on a remote machine without having to log
onto root via an open channel.

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