OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 AIX loginsuccess() issue

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Sep 30 08:21:13 EST 2003

James O'Connor wrote:
> On AIX 4.3.3 and AIX 5.1, the last successful and unsuccessful logins are
> no longer printer prior to the motd with either the stock openssh-3.7.1p2
> or Darren's openssh-3.7.1p2-pwexp24.patch.  In both cases it appears that
> the loginsuccess() call (auth-passwd.c stock or auth.c Darren's patch) is
> returning -1 and msg is not appended to loginmsg.  /etc/security/lastlog
> is updated despite the negative return code from loginsuccess().  I am not
> using privilege separation.  The last successful and unsuccessful logins
> are printed using openssh-3.6.1p2.

What password registry does the account use?  If you put "return;" at the
top of aix_setauthdb() in openbsd-compat/port-aix.c does that make the
difference?  (after recompiling, obviously.)

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