SCM_RIGHTS problem with openssh-3.8p1 build on Cobalt Raq2

Craig Dewick cdewick at
Sat Apr 24 16:40:21 EST 2004

I saw some archived messages which I found via Google in relation to some
patches which can be applied to Glibc to fix the SCM_RIGHTS problem when
attempting to build openssh on a Cobalt Raq2.

Is there a way to retrieve the patches which need to be applied? The list
archive search website displays the actual messages which discussed the
topic, but I wasn't able to view any of the attachments which are supposed
to have contained the patches.

As an alternative, would compiling a newer version of glibc help? I have
applied all of the patches available from SunSolve for the Raq2.

At the moment I can't get a newer version of gcc than 2.7.2 to compile
either, but that's a seperate issue. 8-)



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