[PATCH] supporting a remote scp path option in scp

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Fri Dec 3 16:38:16 EST 2004

David Leach wrote:
> It's been a while now, and I haven't seen any response to my request below
> or any updates to the code reflecting acceptance.
> Have I worked outside a specific process for submitting patches? Has the
> patch been rejected for other reasons?  Is it on a to do list?

[snip a patch to allow scp to specify the full path to scp on the other 
of the connection]

I replied privately a while back, but for the public record: putting 
patches in bugzilla as an enhancement request is likely to be the most 
successful long-term strategy.  Patches to the mailing list might be 
picked up quicker or they might slip through the cracks, depending on 
the timing.

These days, enhancements to scp aren't a priority (see 

I haven't looked at the patch much, but as long as it obeys the style 
rules, doesn't change the wire protocol or break backwards 
compatibility, I personally wouldn't object to it.  I don't know what 
anyone else's opinion is.

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