do_pwchange() is broken on SCO UnixWare 7

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sat Dec 4 10:19:04 EST 2004

Mike Thompson wrote:
> The do_pwchange() function in session.c needs to pass the username as an
> argument to the passwd command. Without it, passwd always fails with
> something like "passwd: unknown user" as if its getting a blank user
> arg. It's strange but so are many other things in SCO, which BTW was NOT
> my OS of choice :(
> To make it work I simply changed line 1317 to this:
> execl(_PATH_PASSWD_PROG, "passwd", s->pw->pw_name, (char*)NULL);

FWIW my old password expiry patches did this:

	if (geteuid() == 0)
		execl(PASSWD_PROGRAM_PATH, "passwd", pw->pw_name,
		    (char *)NULL);
		execl(PASSWD_PROGRAM_PATH, "passwd", (char *)NULL);

so it only provided the user name when running as root.

 From memory, various platforms didn't like having the username supplied 
to passwd when run as a non-root user so it would need to be optional 
and enabled in configure only on the platforms that need it.

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