recursive operations in sftp

Andrew Mortensen admorten at
Tue Dec 7 13:22:08 EST 2004

Is there anyone actively working on adding recursive operations to 
sftp? I've got a recent snapshot of the source (Dec 6th), and I see 
extended options for ls and the inclusion of history, both of which are 
welcome, but there doesn't seem to be any hint of recursive operation 

If there are people working quietly on recursive op patches, I'd like 
to hear from you. I've been putting some things together for a patch, 
and it would be best if we can avoid duplication of effort. I'd also 
like to hear from the maintainers regarding what they would deem 
acceptable as a patch that adds recursive operations. In past 
discussions, fts has been recommended. I've written put -r code using 
fts. It's straightforward, as suggested by Ben Lidstrom in the comments 
for bug 520, but as far as I know, no work has been done on making fts 
capable of dealing with remote operations.

Are recursive operations based on a modified form of fts the only sort 
of patch acceptable? I've got a patch for recursive rm, too, but it 
uses recursion to accomplish its task. (There may be some concern about 
the safety of rm -r, as well.) The logic in the rm -r patch could 
easily be applied to other cases, like chown/chmod -R, if those are 
interesting to people.

If modified fts is required, I'm interested in at least hearing what 
those modifications would need to be.


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