RV: As root and as any user

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Fri Dec 24 10:50:16 EST 2004

Enrique Quintanilla wrote:
> This is the first time i wrote you, i would like to know if you have any
> idea about my problem:
> I install and conigure the last version of openssh and it is working
> like a root user 
> $ ssh root at server
> and it’s just fine, even i can use CVS software, but if a try to use it
> with other user it doesn`t work
> $ ssh any at server
> ask me for a password and it wrote me, ‘have a lot of fun’ and
> inmediatly ‘connection to server closed’
> could you please help me.

You will need to provide some more details, in particular:

1. A verbose trace of a connection to your server
("ssh -vvv any at server")

2. A debug trace from the server when you connect to it. ("sshd -ddde")

3. What OS, version and configure options that you are using


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