Potential DoS against forwarded ssh-agent

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg-openssh.com at fifthhorseman.net
Mon Dec 27 12:45:08 EST 2004

It appears there is an opportunity for a denial-of-service attack
against ssh-agent when using ForwardAgent.

This note describes the circumstances, and provides a patch.

Background (not the vulnerability):

   If ssh-agent is forwarded to a compromised account, a remote
   attacker could use the connection to authenticate as the owner of
   the agent.  "ssh-add -c" currently defends against this risk by
   requiring the owner of the agent to confirm each key access with
   $SSH_ASKPASS.  This protects against unauthorized remote
   authentication, but leaves open other channels of attack.

ssh-agent DoS vulnerability:

   The remote attacker controlling the compromised account can still
   launch a denial-of-service attack against the ssh-agent session
   itself by either (A) locking it ("ssh-add -x") or (B) deleting keys
   ("ssh-add -[dD]").

   This attack effectively disables the agent, and the owner of the
   agent is unable to defend against it.

Proposed Workaround:

   Add a -r ("require confirmation") flag to ssh-agent.  When present,
   the agent will use $SSH_ASKPASS to confirm any request to delete
   keys or lock the agent.  i've attached a patch (against the current
   CVS head: ssh-agent.c v1.122 and ssh-agent.1 v1.41) which works for

i welcome any and all feedback.  Is this the right way to go about
resolving this problem?

The likelihood of this type of attack on today's 'net is probably low,
and the consequences are of a lower grade than, say, unauthorized
authentication.  And of course, ForwardAgent should be kept to a
minimum in general for security.

However, in the circumstances where ForwardAgent is warranted, i'd
like to be able to rely on my local system to alert me to any
tampering with the agent from remote hosts.



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