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Steven Michaud smichaud at pobox.com
Wed Jan 7 04:57:04 EST 2004

I haven't (yet) tried your patch, but here's some information you may
find useful:

There exists a "krbafs" library, which is in effect a port of KTH
Kerberos's libkafs to MIT Kerberos V
(http://web.mit.edu/openafs/krbafs/).  But KTH-krb is (of course) a
clone of Kerberos 4, so libkrbafs requires Kerberos 4 credentials.
(I've only built krbafs on OS X, and its "home page" is directed
towards users of OS X.  But krbafs should in principle work on other
platforms, and several different RPM versions of it are available --
e.g. http://www.redhat.com/swr/i386/krbafs-1.0-3.i386.html)

Eventually someone may port Heimdal's libkafs to MIT Kerberos V.  But
until that happens I'd just wrap your new code inside #ifdef HEIMDAL

On 2004-01-01 5:54:15, Darren Tucker wrote:

> Hi All.
>	Recently a change was merged from OpenBSD's sshd into Portable
> that implements a KerberosGetAFSToken option (patchset attached).
>	This change causes compile errors with both MIT Kerberos and
> Heimdal (errors when compiled with MIT Kerberos below).
>	I've figured out that the functions called in the new code are
> in Heimdal's libkafs, so adding -lkafs to the start for the Heimdal
> CFLAGS in configure.ac makes it compile.  Presumably the equivalent
> code for MIT Kerberos needs to be written?  Does it even have an
> equivalent, or can the new block just be wrapped inside an #ifdef
>	Since I know approximately zero about Kerberos, any assistance
> would be appreciated.
>	Thanks,
>		-Daz.

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