BUG: scp -r follows symlinks

Ben Lindstrom mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Wed Jan 7 11:31:31 EST 2004

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Jason McCormick wrote:

> {SNIP}
> On Tuesday 06 January 2004 06:38 pm, Mordechai T. Abzug wrote:
> > Unlike the original poster, I don't care about links, but I sure do
> > care about scp not being considered obsolete and historical.
> {/SNIP}
> I think that scp is only "obsolete and historical" from the standpoint
> that functionality isn't being altered nor are new features getting
> added (ala the don't-follow-symlinks flag).  scp should act like rcp -
> with all of its flaws and quirks - and any new design features and
> ideas are for sftp. I can't imagine that scp is going to be removed or
> obsoleted any time in the near future.

Correct.  All the problems with scp stem from the fact it was flawed to
start with.

No we can't fix -r or add -n.  Why?  Because scp NEW to OLD version would
cause breakage.

So scp is basicly frozen outside of minor issues that may be correctable,
but this issue strikes at the core of the rcp protocol.

SHOW us a patch that makes *NO* rcp protocol changes and works perfectly
then we will speak again on this topic.

- Ben

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