[fixed in new snapshot] Re: What is print_pam_messages() used for ?

Ralf Hack ralf.hack at pipex.net
Sat Jan 17 01:18:09 EST 2004

>Ralf Hack wrote:
>>     I was investigating why I don't see any warnings from pam_ldap 
>>indicating the pending expiration of passwords as well as for 
>>PAM_NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD. Eventually, I found that do_pam_account() 
>>does not have a conversation function.
>NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD should be fixed in -current for SSHv2 
>keyboard-interactive authentication (it works for me on my test 
>platforms, but you may not get all of the messages on Solaris or 
>HP-UX yet).

I have tested the latest snapshot now and can confirm that the 
message 'You are required .. immediately.' to change the password 
immediately does indeed appear now as I would expect it.

Thanks for fixing this, great work!


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