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Wed Nov 10 21:12:20 EST 2004

Darren, et al --

...and then Darren Tucker said...
% David T-G wrote:
% >man pages.  I trust that I should be looking in the ssh(1) pages and not
% >at the sshd(8) or otherwise esoteric pages.
% >
% >Might I ask for a hint or two to set me on my way?
% Try "man ssh_config" and look for StrictHostKeyChecking.


% The ssh_config(5) page documents the config file options and is 
% mentioned several times in the ssh(1) page, so I don't think it's esoteric.

Indeed.  I had also read through the config man page but must have glazed
over (although my search strings were not in there, either).  Not esoteric
but simply elusive :-)

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Thanks again & HAND

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