OpenSSH 4.1: call for testing.

Edgar, Bob Bob.Edgar at
Tue Apr 5 22:04:37 EST 2005

No, I'm using 0.9.7d compiled on Sol9 (this is a bootstrap operation to
build a new set of tools for Sol10).

I didn't do anything between the first test and the second except to add
a -k switch to gmake to have it run the rest of the tests. The second run
didn't fail (as I indicated) so I made a new empty directory followed by
a configure/make and it too didn't fail. I then untarred a new copy of
everything and repeated and that too didn't fail.

As I said, this may just be something bogus on my system. I only posted
so that if someone else saw something similar they'd see it had been
seen before and I hoped that it might go click with one of the developers.

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Edgar, Bob wrote:
> On Solaris10/Sparc:
> My first make tests failed as below. Running again, all tests pass.
> I then started again with a clean directory and did configure && make
> without errors. Pehaps this is just wierdness on my system but perhaps
> someone else will see something obvious.

No, nothing obvious.

One possibility: if you're using OpenSSL <= 0.9.7e compiled on Solaris 10, 
it won't use the /dev/*random devices.  This means that the 
ssh-rand-helper needs to exist in its final location (/usr/local/libexec 
by default) in order for the tests to run (so if it started working after 
a "make install" then that's probably the reason).

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