Feature Suggestion - scp don't decrypt file at destination unecrypt on copy back switch

Thomas Baden lindysandiego at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 03:38:59 EST 2005

--- Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip.com.au> wrote:

> Gerard J. Cerchio wrote:
> > Damien wrote:
> > 
> >  > tar zcf - /path/to/whatever | gpg --encrypt -r
> publickey at 
> [...]
> > It will also bulk up the data transfer making the
> data less compressible 
> > and larger due to entropy added during encryption.
> The tar will compress anyway so that's likely to
> have little if any impact 
> (you will probably get better performance by
> disabling compression in ssh).

Doesn't GPG / PGP compress the data before encrypting
anyway to make plaintext attacks more difficult?  If
so, then one could leave off the -z switch (which
isn't supported by all TAR implementations).


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